Delivering sustainable efficiencies in medical equipment management.

What we do

Our mission is to deliver products that have a positive impact on patient safety and the patient experience and benefit those treating and caring for them.
We work with healthcare organisations to identify and implement service efficiencies in clinical bedspace management, medical equipment management systems, and staff competency management and training. Our team have unique experience and skills in these areas, and we collaborate with you to embed best practice which can be sustained by your own team once the project is complete.

How we work

MTM are not consultants, we are delivery partners, and our products are measurable and sustainable.
We work with our clients to identify specific opportunities and create a unique team made up of existing and new staff, supplemented by MTM people where needed.
Clear working practices are agreed to the benefit of all stakeholders, and communications, staffing and training provided.
A pilot service is put in place for each client, usually for a year,  through which system changes and improvements are delivered.
Every project is different and is tailor made to meet specific needs and targets. KPI’s are agreed in advance and measurement put in place.

MTM Team

The MTM Team have experience in :

System service and delivery

Systems audits


IT design and delivery

Contract management

Device management

Cleanliness and decontamination protocols in the post COVID environment

Training and recruitment

Our mission is to make a long-term positive impact on patient safety and the patient experience. 

We will do this by focusing on three key areas:

  • Working with healthcare organisations to identify and deliver service efficiencies in clinical bedspace management. 
  • Informing and coaching NHS Equipment Management, Clinical Engineering and other support service departments.
  • Delivering medical equipment management systems improvements to healthcare organisations.

Our team will strive for excellence in all that we do, working in collaboration with our clients to drive service innovation and deliver sustainable improvements. 

As a team we are:

  • Honest and open
  • Clear and accurate
  • Efficient and effective.
Medical Technology Management